Advantages and applications of mobile scaffolding

Mar 30, 2018

It is recommended that you use mobile scaffolding because it's of "toy bricks" design, with standard parts, without any installation tools. The verticals are coaxial connected. The Ledger is connected to the vertical by a joint, and the joint has reliable bending, shearing and torsional mechanical properties.


At the same time, the axis of each pole in the mobile scaffolding is handed over to a point, and the node is within the frame plane. Therefore, the structure is stable and reliable, bearing capacity is large. In the process of assembling and dismantling, it is generally only necessary to do it with bare hands, which greatly improves the efficiency. The installation of the scaffolding is about 1/2 time faster than the steel tube rack and 1/3 time faster than the bamboo scaffolding.


Because of the mobile scaffolding component is not bolted, it avoids the collision of the previous components. At the same time also avoid corrosion, do not need special maintenance, maintenance. The standardized production process makes the components of the scaffolding standardized, beautiful and easy to meet the requirements of civilized construction.


The mobile scaffolding like this can generally be used for supporting the main frame in the form of building interiors, halls, bridges, viaducts, underground tunnels, etc.; it can also be used as an internal and external grille scaffolding for high-rise buildings. Great convenience.


In addition, scaffolding can also be used for hull repairs and other decorative works of the activities of the channel; for the provision of temporary platforms and stands; the use of scaffolding with a simple truss, and even can constitute a temporary site dormitories, warehouses or sheds and so on.