Aluminum folding ladder use and purchase common sense

Sep 20, 2018

The application of aluminum folding ladder greatly facilitates the construction workers' strength. The product is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, which is light in weight and easy to carry. The quality of aluminum folding ladder is related to personal safety. Be sure to find a formal business and a reputable company.


During daily use, it is also necessary to clean the aluminum folding ladder regularly to prevent corrosion of the ladder by certain chemicals. Also, be sure to check the joints regularly and add lubricant if necessary. If the ladder material is bent, the break or the connector does not work properly, be sure to contact the manufacturer for professional repair. Poor environmental conditions will reduce the life of the ladder. In general, its service life is 2 years indoors and 1 year outdoor.


As a user, when purchasing an aluminum folding ladder, first pay attention to check whether the four legs of the folding ladder are horizontal, whether the riveting or welding is loose and desoldered. If you choose an insulation ladder, you should also see if there is blistering or scratching on the surface.