Aluminum scaffolding and what about the load-bearing

Mar 05, 2021

Today's construction sites are flooded with all kinds of scaffolding equipment, among which there are many high-quality brands. So how to choose good quality scaffolding among many products? The wall thickness of the aluminum alloy scaffolding is directly proportional to the load-bearing, meaning that the thicker the wall, the better the load-bearing. In fact, this is very easy to understand, the strength of the bridge pier with the same mass of 1 meter diameter to support the bridge deck is definitely better than the strength of 0.5 meter. The reason is obvious. Aluminum scaffolding is also called mobile operating platform, aluminum frame, high-altitude mobile operating platform, mobile operating platform, insulated ladder, workbench and so on. Mainly used for construction on engineering sites, home and outdoor maintenance of basic equipment in various places. It is widely used, easy to carry, easy to operate, and movable.