Aluminum scaffolding construction notes and installation requirements

May 30, 2018

Aluminum scaffolding can be simply divided into three types, used in different occasions respectively. There is no actual pattern like integrated scaffolding. If there is a variety of projects that need to use scaffolding in the same part of Jian An's construction, this scaffolding project can be used. No other scaffolding installations can occur. During construction, the construction unit can build it as needed.


The external aluminum scaffolding is a scaffolding for the construction of the external walls. The internal aluminum scaffolding is used for the construction of interior walls. However, civil construction and civil construction cannot be applied to internal scaffolding. In places where the height is not too high and the load is not heavy, single-row scaffolding can be used. General multi-storey building exterior wall construction uses double-row scaffolding. Construction of high-rise buildings, if using scaffolding, must do safety accounting.


Regardless of the type of aluminum scaffolding used, check for deformed rods and defective fasteners before use, and then set up according to the specified construction scheme and dimensions. Always ensure the stability of the aluminum scaffold after each job is completed and tighten the fasteners. The erection workers must wear safety belts; at the same time, correct the vertical and horizontal deviations of the bars at any time to avoid excessive deviations.


For the outer aluminum scaffolding, it is also necessary to make reliable lightning protection measures and adopt a common galvanized pipe grounding scheme. During the construction of thunderstorms, workers are generally not allowed to perform construction operations on the shelves; they are required to pull the knots with the structure or use temporary supports to ensure the safety of the erection process.


During the installation of aluminum scaffolding, if cast-in-situ reinforced concrete walls are used, the length of the wall structure multiplied by the height is calculated in square meters, and the double-row scaffolding of the corresponding height is applied; if it is a cast-in-situ reinforced concrete single beam or continuous beam, the beam is pressed. The length of the structure multiplied by the height from the floor of the outdoor design to the top of the girder is calculated in square meters. Double-row scaffolding projects with corresponding heights are applied. The associated column columns no longer calculate the scaffolding.


Others are independent brick, stone, reinforced concrete columns, calculated by the perimeter of the column structure plus 3.6m times the height of the column height; those with a height of less than 3.6m, apply a single row of scaffolding quotas; those with heights above 3.6m apply the corresponding heights. Double-row scaffolding quota.