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Aluminum scaffolding design and performance advantages

Aug 19, 2019

Each type of component in the aluminum scaffold has good interchangeability. It can be exchanged between different types of components. The operator does not mix different types of components, and the whole structure is a combination. No loose parts, easy to transfer and store. 

The aluminum scaffolding is equipped with high-strength and lockable casters, which makes the whole high-altitude frame system safe and convenient to move, and can adjust the height of the high-altitude frame at will to ensure that the working channel is horizontal and does not rust. It can be widely used in construction sites and outdoor work. Wait for a harsh working environment. 

The workbench on the aluminum scaffolding is waterproof and non-slip material to ensure the safe operation of the operators; the bottom is equipped with diagonal supports to avoid sideways overturning, ensuring the use of safety aluminum scaffolding for operators; electromechanical devices, auxiliary construction equipment for large electromechanical equipment , can be widely used in equipment, protection, maintenance, maintenance, etc., advertising production activities.