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Aluminum scaffolding features and quality assurance

Jul 25, 2019

All parts of aluminum scaffolding are made of special aluminum alloy, which is 75% lighter than traditional steel frame; its component has high joint strength: it adopts new cold-working technology of internal expansion and external pressure, and the destructive pull-out force of scaffold joint reaches 4100-4400Kg, which is much larger than 2100Kg. The use of pull.

Aluminum scaffolding is quick and easy to install; it is equipped with high-strength casters for mobility. The overall structure is designed in a “building block” combination and does not require any installation tools. The quality of aluminum scaffolding can meet the technical and safety standards of the Ministry of Construction, and the production quality standards are in accordance with ISO9001.

Aluminum scaffolding solves the problem of high-altitude operation of enterprises. It can be lapped according to the actual height. There are three height specifications of 2.32M/1.856M/1.392M, and there are wide and narrow two-width specifications. The narrow frame can be lapped on a narrow ground, which is convenient and flexible. It can meet the requirements of high-altitude operations in the narrow space such as the corner of the wall and the stairs.

Aluminum scaffolding is designed and manufactured to the highest level of international safety and quality standards of HD1004. Safety load: The average working platform plate can support 272 kg; the maximum load of each tower is 900 kg. Aluminum scaffolding provides a comprehensive portfolio of aluminum towers for a variety of needs. All towers are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.www.eg-scaffold.com