Aluminum scaffolding for soldering or cold pressing

Mar 27, 2019

At present, the aluminum scaffolding is connected by welding and cold pressing. The welding method of the aluminum scaffold is welded, and the pipe is connected with the pipe in the form of welding. The docking is to connect the pipe with high temperature. The joint strength of the weld has been experimentally and practically proven for many years, and the joint parts are firm and free from loosening.


The aluminum scaffold made by the cold pressing process uses the pressure of the machine to deform the aluminum alloy pipe and clamps the connecting parts by deformation. Since the tube formed by the force deformation is stuck, the aluminum scaffold is a high-altitude product, high altitude. During the use, swaying is inevitable, and the swaying will generate forces in all directions. When subjected to forces in different directions for a long time, the aluminum profile will also be deformed accordingly.


The deformation will result in the loosening of the joints, and the welding joints will be firmly connected even if they are subjected to different directions of force. The forces from different directions will disperse the whole pipe or the whole seat. So it is impossible to produce looseness.


Cold pressing is easy to produce looseness due to the average force, and the continuous use of force to the connection of the pipe fittings. From the mechanical experiments and years of field use, the aluminum scaffolding products are connected by the cold pressing process. On the one hand, due to the phenomenon of looseness, on the other hand, the sales price of the cold press process is usually higher than that of the welded product, so the aluminum alloy scaffold connected by the cold press process has gradually been eliminated by the market in recent years. Most markets have chosen aluminum scaffolding for welded construction.