Aluminum scaffolding installation method and installation precautions

Oct 25, 2018

Traditional steel pipe scaffolding is widely used in China, but it has the disadvantages of low rust corrosion recovery and low environmental protection. The newly introduced aluminum scaffold not only avoids these problems, but also has the characteristics of light weight, strong load bearing and convenient disassembly.


Before installing the aluminum scaffolding, firstly, the tower level adjusting device on each leg should be 10cm away from the bottom of the leg and unlock the interlocking clips on all the racks; when installing, always move the interlocking clip to the “locked” position. ;

The tie rod atmosphere tie rod and the diagonal pull rod, the diagonal pull rod is slightly longer than the tie rod; untie the pull rod joint lock.


The installation method of the aluminum scaffolding tower base is to install the caster into the adjustable leg; to ensure that the lock clip is separated from the chassis; then push the foot into the pipe frame, and then install the caster/leg assembly to the frame, and only use Push by hand, do not use tools; lock the casters before climbing the tower.


It should be noted that the installation, movement and disassembly of aluminum scaffolding must be done by professionals with high altitude capability; do not knock or beat parts, do not throw or fall on hard surfaces; during transportation or storage, please Place the parts vertically.