Aluminum scaffolding precautions and how to maintain

Mar 31, 2018

Aluminum scaffolding is made of aluminum alloy. The parts are light and easy to install, handle and store. The weight is only one third of that of conventional steel scaffolds, and there is no need to worry about crushing the ground.


A. Aluminum scaffolding, is there any welding and no welding?

Aluminum scaffolding. It can be divided into welding aluminum scaffolding and no welding aluminum scaffolding, so it is divided into welding and no welding. And there is a difference. The welding aluminum scaffolding is not convenient for disassembly, but its stability is good. Without welding aluminum scaffolding, it is easy to disassemble and transport, but it is less stable. If used improperly, it is prone to deformation and other problems.


B. What precautions do you have during the use of aluminum scaffolding?

The precautions before using of aluminum scaffolding are as follows:

(1) Examine all the connectors and fastener-level moving parts of the scaffolding for looseness or looseness, and if the connection is secure.

(2) Workers should take safety precautions and protective measures before use. If the height above ground exceeds a certain distance, fasten the seat belts to ensure the safety of themselves and their operations.


The precautions in the use of aluminum scaffolding are as follows:

(1) When workers are unwell, work is strictly prohibited, especially in high altitude.

(2) The aluminum scaffolding should be placed on a sturdy and stable surface and should not be placed on slippery surfaces. Also, scaffolding should not be overloaded. If the environment is not allowed, such as strong winds, etc., work cannot be performed.

(3) Aluminum scaffolding is a metal material, and the metal will conduct electricity. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to be close to live places to avoid the risk of electric shock to workers.


C. How to maintain aluminum scaffolding?

Regularly clean and inspect some important parts and avoid rust corrosion. If necessary, apply appropriate amount of lubricating oil for lubrication to facilitate the use. In addition, in use, should strictly comply with the requirements to carry on. Aluminium scaffolding shall not be used in harsh conditions.