Aluminum Scaffolding Safety Installation and Reliable Protective Equipment

May 04, 2018

Aluminum scaffolding is widely used in the construction process of high-tech workers, but it must ensure the safety of construction when it is used in high-work industries. This requires us to pay attention to some safety measures when building aluminum scaffolds, and we must also make good preparations. Protective measures.


Since the aluminum scaffold is 500 mm from the building, in order to enhance its stability, a short steel pipe is used for connection. One end of the aluminum scaffold is fastened to the mast with a fastener, and the other end is fixed with a bolt. The connecting distance of the wall points is two horizontal gantry frames, and the vertical height is the height of one floor. It is arranged in a plum-shaped pattern to ensure the safety of construction.


At the same time, two short steel pipes can be welded on the cantilever beam to receive the mast and the vertical pole to prevent movement. And a vertical horizontal bar is set at the lower end of the gantry to reinforce the overall stability of the steel girder and gantry. In addition, a fixed aluminum scaffolding layer is established every 5 layers of cloth, and a horizontal reinforcing fixed pole is disposed between adjacent aluminum scaffolding.


In addition, there is a long scissor support at every 10 spans on the outside of the aluminum scaffolding; and every 5th floor is provided with a safety inclined bezel, which grows 2 meters horizontally and the included angle is about 45 degrees. In the aluminum scaffolding, all the cross-supporting points must be set in place. In the aerial work, the support points on one side of the wall need to be temporarily removed. A scaffolding plate or a steel pipe must be added to the upper and lower layers to connect the upper and lower parts.


As an aluminum scaffold erected by workers to handle and solve vertical and horizontal transportation, its frame body is equipped with safety protection, which can effectively protect the safety of construction workers. More notable are horizontal safety nets or fully-paved scaffolding every two floors and a height of no more than 10m. Horizontal safety nets must be attached to the building structure.


A 1.2m high protective railing and 18cm high foot board shall be installed outside the aluminum scaffolding working layer; the outer facade shall be fully enclosed and the safety net shall be fully enclosed, and the front surface shall be provided with hard protection. When the aluminum scaffold frame and the floor clearance are greater than 15 cm, a safety net is attached to close it.


In addition, aluminum scaffolding must be fully covered with scaffolding. When laying scaffolding, the main tendons should be perpendicular to the direction of the vertical horizontal bar, can be used to pull the flat shop or lap, the four corners should not be used to 18 # lead wire double stranded parallel binding Requires tight lashings, smooth formation at the junction, and no probe board.