Aluminum scaffolding selection of casters to meet what conditions?

Apr 28, 2018

Aluminum scaffolding can have flexible features, mainly because it has the help of casters, so it is necessary to use suitable castors for aluminum scaffolds to use, so as to bring more convenience to users. What are the basic requirements for the aluminum scaffold casters?


Although the weight of the aluminum scaffold itself is not too heavy, the weight of the entire shelf will increase no matter what is put on it. Therefore, the required weight of the caster must meet the requirements. Under normal circumstances, the caster's load-bearing control at 720KG can basically meet all the load-bearing needs of all aluminum scaffolding.


Due to the unsatisfactory condition of the aluminum scaffolding construction site, water accumulation may sometimes occur, or the aluminum scaffold may come into contact with water due to weather conditions. Fortunately, the aluminum scaffolding itself is made of aluminum alloy material, and it does not matter if it meets water. However, if the caster has iron parts, it will certainly be affected. Therefore, when selecting casters, do not use iron fittings.


There are also options for cast aluminum castors. It is recommended to use castors with a double pedal structure to better promote the use of scaffolding. Currently, there are two kinds of designs for locking and unlocking the casters. They are single pedal and double pedal. The difference between them is that the single pedal is pressed and locked. When it needs to be unlocked, it is necessary to raise the hand and push the pedal. Partially restored, it is very laborious to use, and it is more difficult to use hand-drawn after a long time.


The double-pedal structure does not have such a problem. It has foot positions on both sides of the caster, and the one-step-by-step brake is locked, and the other side can be unlocked without the use of hand-pulling. And the dual pedal structure bearing is 720KG, while the single pedal structure is generally only 300-600KG.


Regardless of the ease of use or the bearing capacity, it can be seen that the castor with double pedal structure is more suitable for the use of aluminum scaffolding, and it can also better control the locking and unlocking of the scaffold to ensure its safe and stable use.