Aluminum scaffolding specification reference description

May 18, 2018

Aluminum scaffolding has a set of operating specifications as a reference. In order to ensure its safety, stability and normal use in the later period, it must be constructed in strict accordance with this standard. First of all, the aluminum scaffolding load must not exceed the allowable range. At the same time, it must be qualified before it is qualified for use. Always check and maintain it during use.


The pillars of the aluminum scaffolding shall be provided with metal bases, and plankings or sweeping poles shall be provided for the soft foundations of the geology; the vertical poles shall be vertical, and the vertical deflection shall not exceed 1/200 of the height, and the spacing between the poles shall not exceed 2 meters. At the two ends, corners, and every 6-7 columns of aluminum scaffolds, knives and struts shall be provided. When the height is 7 meters or more, no struts can be set, every 4 meters in the vertical direction and every 7 meters in the horizontal direction. It is firmly connected with the building.


There are 1.05 meters fences on the outside, ramps, and platforms of the aluminum scaffold. The crossbars of the scaffold at the passages and escalators should be raised and reinforced to prevent obstructions. In order to prevent the shelf tube from bending and bending the fastener from falling down from the tube head, the intersecting ends of the rods are all greater than 10 cm.


If there is a power line or electrical equipment at the place where the aluminum scaffold is erected, the safety distance must be complied with, and power supply and shutdown measures should be taken during erection and demolition. Before starting to build, it is necessary to perform visual inspection of all parts and implement acceptance and listing system.


It must be remembered that the aluminum scaffolding and the scaffolding should be firmly connected to each other, and both ends of the scaffolding should be placed on the cross bar to be firmly fixed; the scaffolding and the ramp plate should be spread over the cross bar of the shelf. On both sides of the ramp, on the turn of the ramp, and on the outside of the working face of the scaffold, a railing with a height of 1m should be provided, and a guard plate with an height of 18cm should be provided in the lower part.


In order to make it easier for staff to move up and down and transport materials, the aluminum scaffold should be equipped with a solid ladder. When lifting a heavy object with a lifting device, the structure of the lifting device and the scaffold must not be connected. In addition, scaffoldings that are erected should be qualified for inspection and written certificates must be issued before use. The status of the scaffolding and scaffolding used should be checked daily to confirm its completeness.