Application and installation requirements of steel supporting parts for scaffold fittings

Sep 18, 2018

Steel corrugating in steel supporting parts of scaffold fittings is used to support steel template and strengthen its overall rigidity.The column hoop in the steel supporting part of the scaffold fittings is also used for supporting and clamping the template.Steel struts can also be used to withstand vertical template for transferring pressure through a horizontal template .Therefore, the early removal of the column head can also be used for supporting the column head of the beam and template as well as the early removal of the template;The diagonal support is mainly used to bear the lateral load of the single-side template and adjust the vertical degree of the vertical formwork .As for steel pipe support, it will be used as template support for beams, floor boards and platforms, as well as external scaffolding.

As for the erection requirements of scaffold fittings, first of all, attention should be paid to extending the door frame from one end to the other end when installing the door frame. Then, attention should be paid to changing the direction of erection layer by layer, which should not be carried out relative.After taking a step, you should check and adjust its level and perpendicularity.

Scaffolding shall be raised continuously and synchronously along the perimeter of the building to form a closed structure around the building.In case of failure to close, additional wall connections should be added at both ends of the scaffold.The span of the portal frame in scaffold fittings should be in accordance with the relevant regulations and with the cross-support specifications;The door frame pole should not be more than 150mm away from the wall net distance;When greater than 150mm, attention should be paid to the adoption of the inner cantilever plate or other off-port protection safety measures.

When installing scaffold fittings, it should be noted that if the height is more than 20m, a horizontal reinforcing rod should be set every 4 steps outside the scaffold, and then it will be more suitable to be set in the horizontal layer of the connected wall parts.Vertical horizontal reinforcing rods should be set continuously, and horizontal closing rings will be formed at this point.

The lower end of the bottom step door frame in the scaffold fittings shall be sealed with a sealing rod, and the inner and outer sides of the door frame shall be provided with a long sweeping rod.Horizontal reinforcement bars shall be fastened with fasteners and door frames.It should be noted that unmatched door frames and fittings should not be used in the same scaffold.When the scaffold height H is less than or equal to 45m, the horizontal frame should be set at least two steps along the scaffold height.