Bowl buckle scaffold design and application standards

Dec 20, 2018

The bowl-type scaffolding has versatility, and can be composed of single-row double-row scaffolding, support frame, support column, material lifting frame, climbing scaffold, cantilever frame, etc. according to specific construction requirements. A kind of functional construction equipment; at the same time, it can also be used for building sheds, sheds, lighthouses and other buildings. Especially suitable for building curved scaffolding and heavy-duty support equipment.


All the components of the bowl-type scaffolding are standardized in series, and the exterior of the components is painted in orange color, which is convenient for unified management on the site and meets the realistic requirements of civilized construction. The main components of the main components are the steel pipes used for ordinary fastener-type steel pipe scaffolds, and the fasteners can be connected with ordinary steel pipes, which has great versatility.


The connection of the scaffolding neutral pole is concentrically inserted, and the same pole of the crossbar is connected by the joint of the bowl buckle, and the joint has reliable bending, shearing and torsion resistance. And the axis of each rod intersects at one point, all the nodes are within the plane of the frame, with reliable structural strength and considerable bearing capacity.


When the construction project reached a certain height, it was necessary to build a bowl-type scaffolding at this time. If it was not set up, it could not continue the construction work. Because of the consideration of work efficiency and construction organization, the height of each layer of bowl-type scaffolding is about 1.2 meters, which is the most suitable