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Changes in wheeled scaffolding relative to fastener scaffolding

Jan 28, 2019

As the traditional steel pipe fastener scaffolding was eliminated, it slowly withdrew from the historical stage. New scaffolding is on the rise, with wheeled scaffolding sweeping the market in an unstoppable posture. The wheeled scaffold has sufficient mechanical strength, rigidity and stability, and has self-locking ability, which is safe and reliable.


Wheeled scaffolding has changed a lot from fastener-type scaffolding, from external features to internal structures. The wheeled scaffold is easy and convenient to assemble and disassemble, and the workers are easy to master. The efficiency of the support and dismantling is about three times higher than that of the bowl-type multi-functional scaffold, which saves labor, labor and time.


It can speed up the construction schedule, shorten the construction period, the same space size, the amount of wheel buckle scaffolding is less than the bowl-type scaffolding, and the weight of the single-bar member of the same specification is lighter than the bowl buckle scaffold. The use of wheeled scaffolding can save a lot of keel, formwork and bracket members, saving 30%. Rugged and durable, the plug and socket are not afraid of falling, not easy to be cast by cement, easy to transport, easy to count. At the same time, no loose parts are lost and the loss is low.www.eg-scaffold.com