Characteristics of each series of aluminum scaffolding products

Jan 18, 2019

Aluminum scaffolding standard products are divided into single width and double width from width to width of 0.75 meters and double width of 1.35 meters. The single width is mainly used when the space for building aluminum scaffolding is limited. The construction is generally not more than 12 meters. High, double-width aluminum scaffolding is widely used in all occasions, the area is increased, and the stability is stable in a single width.


From the way of the upper and lower aluminum scaffolding, it is divided into vertical ladder and inclined ladder. The inclined ladder is divided into diagonal diagonal ladder, 70 degree hanging ladder type and 45 degree small platform type. The vertical ladder type aluminum scaffold is designed to be stable and reliable, and is widely used in applications where space is not limited; it can save work space and reduce the time of the frame; the work platform can be set at any level of the tower, each level The height is 46cm to meet the needs of different working heights.


Diagonal ladder-type aluminum scaffolding is convenient and fast; the volume is small, the construction is easy, and the storage and transportation are convenient.

It is suitable for use in situations where frequent scaffolding operations are required and tools and materials need to be moved up and down. Each floor is equipped with a platform plate and a 70-degree inclined ladder for each floor and upper and lower scaffolding. Install movable casters only once. Can be moved to different places to