China and Japan between the scaffolding application what is the difference between

Jan 16, 2017

At present, Japan has developed and studied a variety of specifications of annex to scaffold and scaffolding and accessories manufacturer has more than 460 companies, far more than the steel manufacturers. As in door frame-type scaffold scaffolding h-shaped scaffold, side folding scaffold; socket scaffold of Bowl-scaffold jacks, circular scaffolding, scaffolding, slot-type scaffolding and scaffold with couplers. Scaffolding most steel fastener fastener, and many kinds, and a wide range of applications. Scripture in various types of scaffolding, gate scaffolding is still mainly use accounts for around 50%. Scaffold technology in China and Japan the gap is very large. Japan steel plant has only 2-3, but the door-like scaffold factory and factory has more than 450 companies. Japan in the 50 's are dominated by single pipe scaffolding with couplers, due to ongoing construction accident, 60 large application scaffolding. Due to door type scaffolding loaded split convenient, hosted performance good, security reliable, especially labor province on scaffolding of security using made has provides, makes door type scaffolding became construction enterprise of led scaffolding, in various scaffolding in the, its using volume accounted for 50% around, Japan on scaffolding of security very attention, according to different engineering requirements used different uses scaffolding and support, can for construction workers provides good of work environment and guarantee construction security, requirements scaffolding around has closely of railing and network bar, Scaffold fittings must not be a gap between to prevent falling debris injured people, according to wrench set industry will introduce, within the last 10 years, Japan did not due to the quality and safety of scaffolding produced casualties, that's really not easy.