Choose where the ideal aluminum scaffolding products start

Jul 18, 2019

Secondly, it is necessary to consider the construction efficiency and risk of aluminum scaffolding. The welded frame-type aluminum scaffolding, the main bearing parts are all welded into a piece of frame structure, so in the process of high school construction, the work efficiency will definitely affect the construction efficiency. . The non-welded single-bar aluminum scaffolding adopts a single-piece structure, so it is possible to lift the rods by one person during the high-altitude operation, so that the safety of the welding frame construction of the two people is safe. 

The welded frame type aluminum scaffold adopts the snap-type connection, and the direct welding is adopted, so the connection of the rods is relatively conservative; the non-welded single-bar aluminum scaffold adopts the tweezers to be tightly connected, and the anti-drop type can be folded. From the perspective of the safety performance of the connection, the overall connection effect of the aluminum scaffolding is much better than that of the welded frame. 

Another is that for different job requirements, welded frame-type aluminum scaffolding can only be connected in up to four orientations, while the button-type can be connected in up to eight orientations. In this way, when the suspension frame, the cantilever frame, the mobile bridge frame, and the suspended hanging scaffolding work are constructed, the welding-free aluminum frame scaffolding is absolutely more reliable and safe.