Correct operating procedures for aluminum alloy work platforms

Mar 08, 2019

Place the aluminum work platform machine in a firm, level and unobstructed work site and place the machine directly below the work area; install the aluminum work platform outriggers and adjust the horizontal position of the machine through the O-level.


Then connect the aluminum alloy working platform to the appropriate power supply; pull the air switch in the electrical control box to the ON position, and screw out the red emergency brake button; the operator enters the aluminum alloy working platform to operate the control box button or the ground staff Operate the elevator on the electrical control box to control the lifting of the platform. Press the green button to rise and the red button to lower. If it is tight, please press the red emergency brake to cut off the power of the whole machine.


If the aluminum alloy working platform can not be electronically controlled to fall, use the emergency oil drain switch, rotate counterclockwise until the platform descends, and the emergency oil drain switch should be screwed clockwise after the platform is lowered to ensure the stability of the aluminum alloy working platform, thus reducing the equipment. The possibility of a