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Different force transmission methods for scaffolding

Mar 15, 2019

Different force transmission methods for scaffolding

The force transmission method of the scaffolding is different. In the combination of vertical rod and vertical rod, scaffold has 3 methods of force transmission.One is the Socket docking  method .It means that the upper and lower poles are docked ,and Use the adapter rod or socket to ensure the best way to dock.  Another is the pin shearing force of the pin connecting the pin; and the other is the meshing force of the screw joint. That is, the external thread of the inner tube meshes with the internal thread of the outer tube.

However, if the vertical force is transmitted between the crossbar and the vertical pole, the scaffold can be divided into the frictional effect of the contact surface, that is, the frictional reaction force after the contact surface of the joint is pressed to support the crossbar load. And pass it to the pole, such as the effect of the fastener, the friction is generated by the positive pressure of the tightening bolt.

This method is adopted by the force transmission of the weld, and the joint of the cross bar and the pole is adopted. The Door scaffolding also this method.For direct pressure transmission,, this method is more common in the scaffolding placed on the top of the pole. Scaffolding; as well as the pin shear force transmission, the scaffolding uses the pin to pass through the vertical joint plate of the cross bar and the hole of the pole to complete the joint and the double-sided shearing effect of the pin.www.eg-scaffold.com