Advantages and removal principles of aluminum scaffolding

Mar 21, 2019

Aluminum scaffolding is easy to load and unload and build. In addition to being used independently, it can also be used as a large structure for escalators, stairs, site construction, etc. - Aluminum alloy materials are both light and strong; aluminum scaffolds increase working space and reduce construction Time can be set at different heights of the aluminum frame according to the need; aluminum scaffolding is equipped with a variety of accessories to meet different engineering needs.


No matter what you do, it is the principle of coming first and foremost. The dismantling of aluminum scaffolding is the opposite. The post-installation is first removed and then removed. Remove the top handrail and railing from the side of the straddle, then remove the scaffolding and escalator sections, and then remove the horizontal pole reinforcement rods and scissors.


Demolition of the cross bracing from the top straddle side, synchronously remove the top struts and the top gantry; continue to remove the second gantry and accessories simultaneously, and the free cantilever height of the aluminum scaffolding must not exceed three steps, otherwise it should be added Temporary tie knots. Continuously disassemble downwards. For the wall bar, long horizontal bar, and scissors support, the scaffold must be removed after disassembling it to the relevant gantry. Finally remove the sweeping bar, the bottom gantry and the sealing rod; remove the pedestal and remove the bolster and the