Emergency measures in the use of scaffolding

Apr 26, 2020

Scaffolding is often used in the construction and construction. When using scaffolding, it will also present such and other kinds of doubts. Let us look at some of the doubts that scaffolding presents during construction and some emergency measures for these doubts:

First look at the partial deformation of the scaffolding caused by foundation settlement. Set up the figure eight or the scissor support on the horizontal section of the double-row frame, and set up a group of poles in a row until the deformation zone is out of the row. Bazi or scissor legs must be set on a solid and firm foundation.

Next, let's understand that the deflection and deformation of the cantilevered steel beam on which the scaffolding is rooted exceeds the prescribed value, and the anchoring point behind the cantilevered steel beam should be strengthened. The steel beam above is tightened with a steel support and a U-shaped bracket to withstand the roof. There is an open space between the pre-embedded steel ring and the steel beam, which must be prepared with a horse wedge. Check the wire ropes on the outer ends of the hanging steel beams one by one and tighten them in full to ensure even stress.

Finally, let's take a look at the part of the scaffold unloading and pulling system that is damaged. It should be restored immediately according to the unloading and pulling method that was originally planned, and the deformed parts and rods should be corrected. If you want to correct the deformation of the scaffold outwards, first set up a 5t chain in each compartment, tighten the structure, loosen the rigid pull contact, and tighten the chain inward at each point until the deformation is corrected and do the rigid pull Then, tighten the wire ropes at each unloading point to make the force even, and finally spread the chain.