How should maintenance scaffolding

Jan 16, 2017

1. members, the case should be bent straight should fix the damaged component, ensure that it can be used in the construction of normal.
2. the use of scaffolds (including accessories) should back spending in a timely manner, classification register. When air storage, ensure that the storage site of smoothness, good drainage, under the mat, with a cover sheet, accessories, parts, should be placed in the room.
3. parts rust, rust on the disposal, where high humidity region (more than 75%) coated paint at least once a year. Fastener to oiled bolts should be galvanized rust-proof. Zinc plated no conditions should wash after each use with kerosene, then coated with oil rust.
4. the disc use of scaffolding fastener, nuts, pads, bolts and other small parts are easily lost, pitched should be extra time deposit, have timely acceptance in the removal, not throwing the place.