How to buy Steel Plank For Frame Scaffolding

Feb 23, 2020

1. Look at the material

When buying scaffolding, you can ask the seller about the material and see if you use first-grade steel pipes. Many small workshops in China are to lower the market price. They are mixed with first-grade steel pipes and second-grade steel pipes. Second-stage steel pipes are easy to bulge during construction on site Cracking caused a safety accident in the project. Therefore, it is very important to buy scaffolding to see the material.

2. Look at the appearance

The appearance mainly depends on the consistency of the glaze color, flatness, surface gloss, smoothness, degree of sintering on the back, the brand trademark, etc.

3. Look at water absorption

Scaffolding absorbs as little water as possible. Poor antifreeze performance with much water absorption. The inspection method is to compare the weight difference between the dry scaffold and the flooded scaffold, that is, the moisture. The national standard stipulates that the water absorption rate is 12.0%. If the standard is not met, there must be a problem with the quality.

4. Look at the cracked glaze

Scaffold cracking glaze is a common phenomenon. Glazed cracked scaffolds will peel off and peel off the glaze after freezing in winter, thus losing their gloss and waterproof performance. The way to check is to see if there are cracks as thin as spider silk on the surface of the scaffold. It is more obvious after raining or sticking dust in water.

5. See the degree of sintering

The higher the degree of sintering, the stronger the scaffolding. The method is to listen to the sound of tapping, the clearer the metal sound when tapping, the better the scaffolding. The flexural strength of the national standard is ≥1020N. If this standard is not met, the quality needs to be considered. A