How to calculate the area of aluminum scaffolding

Aug 10, 2019

The amount of vertical sealing work of aluminum scaffolding and buildings is calculated according to the length of the outer wall of the outer wall, multiplied by the height of the outdoor floor to the top of the outer wall by m2; the wall outside the wall with a width of less than 24cm, the chimney of the wall, etc. The amount is calculated according to the size of the figure when it is more than 24cm, and is included in the amount of external scaffolding, without deducting the area occupied by the door and window openings and empty circles. 

The above is the calculation method of the erection area of the outer aluminum scaffold. The amount of scaffolding is calculated according to the vertical projection area of the wall. The independent column is calculated according to the single-row external scaffolding quota project, and the engineering quantity is increased by 3.60m by the peripheral circumference of the column structure.