How to choose the right aluminum scaffolding height?

Jun 14, 2018

The main purpose of people buying and using aluminum scaffolds is to work at heights, but how to choose the right and the right choice of heights. At present, the determination of the height problem has plagued many construction workers. Inappropriate selection will directly affect the construction and use of aluminum scaffolding. Then, how to correctly determine the height of aluminum scaffolding?


The first thing to choose and determine is the height of the aluminum scaffolding. As we all know, aluminum scaffolding is not a stereotyped product like other products. The height of construction work required for assembly requires flexible and appropriate selection of aluminum alloy scaffolding accessories. Assembly of aluminum scaffolding.


At present, the commonly used aluminum scaffolds on the market are 2.32 meters in height, 1.85 meters in four levels, 1.39 meters in third level, and 0.85 meters in level 2. The above heights can be assembled at a single height, or they can be mixed with different heights to match. All accessories are standard and generic.


Only when the height of the aluminum scaffold is properly selected, the height required for the erection is the height of each layer plus the total height of the entire aluminum scaffold. On this basis, it is also necessary to consider how to match the required working height of the aluminum scaffolding, which also determines its platform height, total shelf height, and working height.


Under normal circumstances, the height of 1-1.2 meters is used as the guardrail of the aluminum scaffold. Therefore, when selecting the height of the aluminum scaffold, please specify whether the required height is the height of the platform or the total height of the shelf or the working height. The relationship between the three is: working height = platform height + 2 meters; aluminum scaffolding height = platform height + guardrail height.


The height of each layer of the aluminum scaffold is clearly defined, and the relationship between the platform height, the height of the barrier, the total height of the shelf, and the working height is known. Then the aluminum scaffolding height can be correctly selected and the corresponding high-altitude operations can be smoothly completed. .