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How to do the supervision work of aluminum scaffolding on the installation

Jan 06, 2019

In order to do a good job in the supervision of the installation of aluminum scaffolding, it is necessary to first check whether the installation of aluminum scaffolding meets the requirements of safety regulations. For the foundation of the aluminum scaffolding and the sweeping rod, it is necessary to meet the bearing capacity of the scaffold according to the height of the erection and the geological conditions of the erected site, so as to ensure the stability of the bottom struts, and then the poles are evenly stressed, especially The sweeping rod is disposed in two directions of the vertical and horizontal directions in the lower part of the pole, and the distance of the sweeping rod from the support is not more than 200 mm;


On the bottom of the aluminum scaffolding pole, it is necessary to set the base or the spacer. In particular, the opposite pole can be overlapped except for the top step, and the butt joints must be docked for the other joints. Connect the building with the wall piece; the vertical horizontal bar is suitable to be placed on the inner side of the vertical bar. When the vertical horizontal bar is docked, the fasteners need to be staggered, preferably not in the same span, and the horizontal offset distance is greater than 500mm. .


The scaffolding on the aluminum scaffolding should be full and stable, 120mm to 150mm from the wall; the scaffolding can be slipped at the ends and corners, 15 to 20 meters along the long direction, ramps and platform ends and others. The part should be fixed, and a footrest with a size of 180 mm should be placed outside the operation layer.


For a single row of aluminum scaffolding below 24 meters, it is more suitable to use a rigid wall member and a reliable connection to the building. A pair of scissors supports are provided on both sides of the outer façade, and a continuous setting from the bottom to the top is also required; For double-row scaffolding over 24 meters, it is necessary to use rigid wall joints to reliably connect with the building.www.eg-scaffold.com