Inspection standard of Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding

Jun 10, 2020

1. The quality of the materials used in the scaffolding must meet the requirements.

2. The foundation of the scaffold is solid, without water accumulation, and there is a backing plate suitable for the request.

3. The full-length horizontal error of the large crossbar shall not exceed 6cm. The straight error of the vertical bar shall not exceed 1/200 of the height of the frame, and the deflection of the small crossbar shall not be greater than 1/150 of the length of the bar.

4. There must be sufficient connecting points, one for every 4m of straight interval, one for horizontal interval of 6m, and strong and firm connection with the building.

5. The working layer must be tightly laid, flat and stable, and the corners should be circled (that is, the vertical and horizontal scaffolding should be pressed into place).

6. Face protection, hang safety nets with foot guards or tie two guard rails, add 18cm foot guards, and seal the end of the working face.

7. The safety net must have a factory certificate and a test certificate. The supporting flat net should have a high outside and a low inside, and they should be tightly connected and evenly stressed.

8. After the external scaffold is erected, it is necessary to pass the inspection and signature of the relevant personnel to determine the qualification before it can be put into use.