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Look at the characteristics and process of super high scaffolding

Mar 04, 2019

Compared with the general structure, the super-high scaffold has a large load variability in the working conditions; the fastener connection node is semi-rigid, and the node rigidity is related to the fastener quality and installation quality, and the node performance is greatly varied; The connection points of the wall have a large variation on the binding of the scaffold.


Therefore, the super high scaffolding meets the structural requirements specified in this specification is the basic condition for design calculation. When the super-high scaffolding is set up, it is firstly positioned on the solid foundation elastic line and the vertical pole, and then gradually installed; the components consisting of Φ6 steel bars, top braces, steel pipes, etc., wherein the steel bars are subjected to tensile force and pressure are transmitted by the top support, the steel pipe, and the like.


Finally, regarding the installation of safety nets in ultra-high scaffolding, it is required that the safety net should be tightly erected, tied tightly with plastic shackles, and should not be blinded, and the joints of the two nets should be tied to the same pole. The safety net should be hung on the inside of the scaffolding. A closed flat net shall be set between the super-high scaffolding and the construction layer in accordance with the acceptance criteria to prevent debris from falling.www.eg-scaffold.com