Main components of aluminum scaffolding and their safety inspection

Oct 08, 2018

Lightweight and sturdy, easy to load and unload, and high reuse value, it is the favorite of all stage construction companies. The reason why aluminum scaffolding has so many advantages is inseparable from its structure and components. Among them, the counter head is one of the most important devices on the aluminum scaffold, which can firmly combine the various shelves on the truss to ensure that the staff is safe when working on it.


The ramp support is also a very important part of the aluminum scaffolding, which also acts as a fix for the truss. When setting up the stage, we often go to the heights to decorate some stage props and tools. The truss is not as long as the tree, and the gravity is not very strong, so when the staff wants to go to the heights When you need to use the ramp support.


With the good use performance of aluminum scaffolding, it has gradually been recognized by the world. Therefore, it has been widely used in many domestic enterprises, institutions, hotel equipment maintenance and cleaning and cleaning. However, before the construction and use of aluminum scaffolding, all components should be inspected to ensure that the various components are intact, and the defective parts should be replenished or replaced in time; at the same time, the solder joints and pipes of the aluminum scaffolds should be inspected to ensure that all solder joints should be unwelded. ;, all pipe parts have no cracks; no obvious dents caused by crushing or bumping.