Maintenance significance of scaffolding

Aug 02, 2019

1. Any rods with tortuous and deformed parts should be straightened first, and the damaged parts should be corrected first, so that they can be put into stock, otherwise they should be converted.

Second, the mobile scaffolding in use should be promptly returned to the expense library and classified storage. When stacking in the open air, the place should be flat and the drainage should be excellent. Under the floor, the support pad should be concealed, and the accessories and parts should be stored indoors.

Third, the components of the mobile scaffolding stop the derusting, anti-rust treatment, where the humidity is greater (more than 75%), the anti-rust paint is applied once a year, usually should be brushed once every two years. Fasteners should be oiled. The bolts should be galvanized and rustproof. When there is no condition for galvanizing, it should be washed with kerosene after each application, and applied with oil to prevent rust.

Fourth, the use of fasteners, nuts, pads, bolts and other small accessories used in disc scaffolding is easy to lose. When the support is taken, the excess parts should be taken back and stored in time, and they should be inspected in time when they are undone.

5. Establish guidelines for the development, recovery, review, and repair of materials for moving scaffolding. In accordance with the rules of who uses, who repairs, and who handles, limit or lease methods are used to add losses and losses.