Matters needing attention when using movable scaffolding for decoration

Aug 06, 2019

The bracket should be prevented from being subjected to sudden horizontal impact and impact; the load should be less than 200kg per 1.8m*0.9m working surface; it is strictly prohibited to hang heavy objects outside the bracket to prevent the bracket from falling over due to severe eccentric load. The carrying capacity of the scaffolding universal wheel is 200kg/piece. Do not damage it due to overload. 

After the scaffolding is in place, the brakes of the wheels should be stepped on to lock the wheels; the ladders should not be placed on the work platform; the two should be prevented from falling up and down by one side to prevent the scaffolding from falling over; if the scaffolding is erected over 2 floors, For safety reasons, a stable wing frame should be added. 

The height of the scaffolding caster adjustment screw should be less than 250mm; if the scaffolding exceeds 2 layers, it should be fixed with the wall to avoid tipping over. It is strictly forbidden to carry out construction or fixing of the scaffolding by welding and punching and other methods of damaging the scaffold during the fixing process. After the completion of the construction, the scaffolding should be dismantled from top to bottom. The parts should be transported one by one, or hanged one by one or other tools and methods to ensure that the scaffold is not damaged. Do not throw it directly.