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Method steps for building aluminum scaffolding for stage booths

Mar 07, 2019

When building aluminum scaffolding, you can first set up four bases in the general position on the ground, adjust the lower legs to make them in a horizontal plane; insert the bottom part of the diagonal support on the outside of the four corners. Insert 2 pieces into each corner, for a total of 8.


Then fix the counter head to the base with screws. Note that the direction of rotation of the counter head should be the same as that marked in the figure; set the square sleeve on the counter head; connect the beam on the ground; the aluminum scaffold separates the two ends of the beam The two square sleeves on both sides are docked and connected, and the beam parts are assembled on the ground.


Connect the column truss flat and connect it, then screw one end to the opposite head and the other end to the cross arm. At the same time, link the hanging hoist and cross arm. The function of the hoist is to raise the lower beam truss; Individuals put the column truss together slowly. Be careful not to push the column too hard, then fix the screw on the top of the head.


After the aluminum scaffolding column is erected, hook the hook below the hanging hoist to the lower beam through the sling; 4 people slowly sway the hanging hoist to pull the beam to the left and right position of the person's head; Audio equipment; 4 people swayed the hoist together to stop at the predetermined height; tighten one end of the diagonal support and the column, and tighten the other end with the horizontal support of the base, so that the lighting frame is completed.www.eg-scaffold.com