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mobile scaffolding bracket and brake section

Mar 05, 2019

mobile scaffolding bracket and brake section

In order to configure a high-quality mobile scaffold, the first choice is to select the bracket. The bracket can be divided into orientation and universal direction. The material is usually made of carbon steel, which can be used for various electroplating, such as galvanizing, copper plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, spraying. Etc. Also useful for stainless steel. Followed by the brakes on the mobile scaffolding, from the functional point of view, there are brake wheels, there are brake brackets universal, the two brakes are dual brakes, as well as tread brakes, positive brakes, side brakes, etc., contact casters in detail factory.


There are a variety of methods for moving scaffolding, such as screw rods, plungers, expansion rubber sleeves, etc. for heavy loads, and bottom plates for heavy loads, perhaps directly to the equipment. Usually the installation method of large companies is very rich. The placement of the casters on the equipment: the placement method is different, not only affects the cost, but also the feeling of promotion is greatly different.


If the ground is not flat, the weight of the mobile scaffolding caster is: single caster load = total weight of the equipment , 3, because no matter which kind of uneven ground, at least three wheels support the equipment at the same time, this algorithm is equal to increasing the insurance factor, more and more secure, Avoid the lack of weight bearing, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of life of the casters or causing trouble.www.eg-scaffold.com