Mobile scaffolding in the construction of several risk

Jan 16, 2017

Mobile scaffolding in construction there are some risks, mobile scaffolding on soft ground, ladder Jack scaffold is not easy to balance, which resulted in the accident occurred due to its small contact area with the ground, with more pressure, leading to an equilibrium. 2nd move due to stability of the scaffold, it appeared the cause of the accident theory similar to the first gate scaffolding, not more. 3rd is mobile scaffolding to build higher and higher, increasing risks, construction workers alone, may result in moving scaffolding accessories such as falling, leading to accidents. Moving on the last point is the question of the quality of Mobile scaffolds of scaffolding, scaffolding to help construction of good quality quick and shoddy scaffolding can delay the progress of its construction and caused certain accidents, it is the root cause.
Remember three years ago with construction in Wuxi mobile scaffolding collapse accident? This matter give us caution while ladder Jack scaffold, also gave us warning role. Warning: we must use high quality mobile scaffolding and carefully install the mobile scaffolding. Mobile scaffolding is ideal for architecture and decoration a good helper, is very popular. Construction of gate scaffolding on buildings, involves accidents caused it, and caused some economic impact. So as to move the scaffolding manufacturer, cautioned the morning, be sure to recognize the security risks of Mobile scaffolds and scaffold safety measures to take to solve! Truly prepared.