Precautions for moving scaffolding on the socket frame and pedals

Jan 05, 2019

Mobile scaffolding mainly means that we operate on the construction site to solve the various brackets built on vertical and horizontal transport. It has the advantages of simple assembly and disassembly, good bearing performance and safety and reliability in use. In the process of installation, the mobile scaffolding needs to pay attention to the laying of the socket frame and the pedal to ensure its safety and stability.


The mobile scaffolding socket frame can allow the maximum load to be no more than 1176 N/m2, especially on the scaffolding, it is forbidden to stack materials, and the personnel can not stay intensively. In the upper and lower steps of the scaffolding fan, be sure to spread, flatten and firm. Especially when not laying the board, you need to fill the level in the building safety net.


When moving the scaffolding socket frame, when lifting or landing, you need to use a lifting machine such as a tower crane. You must use the ferrule to lift it. Then you need to prohibit anyone from standing on the shelf and lifting it with the shelf. It is not allowed to exceed the two openings of the building. There is a socket frame assembled on the steel pipe. The distance between the poles can not be more than 2 meters. The large and small faces must also be provided with diagonal supports.


The high-hanging net needs to be connected to the outside of the mobile scaffolding socket frame. In particular, the height of the building needs to be 1 meter higher than the construction working layer. It is also necessary to set up the scissors support and seal it from top to bottom with a dense mesh safety net. To be sealed up and tied. Adjacent socket racks should be in the same plane and the interface should be tightly