Precautions for removal of scaffold steel pipes

Oct 24, 2019

  1. After entering the operation area, the operator should first check the rods of the scaffolding. If any unsafe dangers are found, they must be reinforced first. The materials and wastes stored on the shelf must be cleaned before the removal operation is started.

 2. The removal of the extension rods of uprights and diagonal rods should be carried out in cooperation of two or more people. It is forbidden to work alone.

 3. No substitutions are allowed during the removal process. If replacement personnel are required to make a security technical explanation from the beginning.

 4. If it cannot be dismantled in time on the same day, the unremoved part should be reinforced to avoid the danger of remaining in safety accident.

 5. The guards are not allowed to leave their posts in private, but only after the evacuation of the workers and checking that there is no safety hazard.