Precautions for scaffolding removal

Aug 14, 2019

Prepare for work before removal. A comprehensive inspection of the fasteners of the scaffolding connection, wall parts, support system, etc. can meet the security requirements. According to the inspection results, the removal of the construction organization design shall be supplemented and completed, and may be implemented only after approval by the competent department. When the safety technical measures are removed, the technical personnel of the unit shall suspend the technical disclosure.

Next, look at the withdrawal of the request, the removal of the second level should be suspended from top to bottom, and it is strictly forbidden to work at the same time. All the wall parts should be removed layer by layer with the foot off frame. It is strictly forbidden to remove the whole layer or layers before removing the scaffolding; the height difference of the section removal should not exceed 2 steps, and the wall part reinforcement should be added. When the scaffolding is removed to the height of the last long steel pipe in the lower part (about 6.5m), it should be temporarily reinforced at the appropriate position, and then the wall parts are removed. When the scaffolding is removed and the discrete faces are removed, the ends of the scaffolds that are not removed should be first set with wall members and lateral support reinforcement.

Finally, to understand that a discharge of pleading for various components must be timely and segmented into the air, it is strictly prohibited to throw. The components that are transported to the air are inspected for repair and maintenance in a timely manner, and the stockpiles are placed at any time according to the variety and specifications, and placed in a monotonous ventilation to prevent corrosion.