Proper use of scaffolding is fundamental to safe construction

Jan 16, 2017

1. face material should be cleared up, keep the face regular open, not about tools, materials, so as not to affect the job security and cuts.
2. each collecting work, materials have been applied on the shelf, unused should be stacked neatly.
3. on the work surface, pry, pull, push, and other operations, to take the correct posture, stand up or walk strong support, so as to avoid excessive force when the body loses smooth or throw things.
4. when welding on a work surface, tract of fire prevention measures to be taken. (Viewed: scaffolding requirements and measures of fire safety)
5. last job after rain, snow, snow, water on the work surface should be removed to prevent the occurrence of slip.
6. when the height of the work surface is not enough when a booster is needed, reliable booster approach should be taken, pad should not exceed 0.5M over 0.5M, should make it by setting increases the shelf planks.
7. no scaffold with vibration operation on (steel processing, wood sawing, use vibrators, throwing heavy objects, etc).
8. unauthorized install wires and cables in the scaffolding, not allowed to use open flames on the scaffold.