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Protection measures for scaffolding accidents

May 11, 2020

1. Establish and improve the safety management organization. Do transfer personnel to carry out safety management, clarify responsibilities, improve the safety awareness of management personnel, and emergency response capabilities to deal with unexpected accidents.

2. In project design, it needs to be careful and rigorous. It is not allowed to complete the construction of the scaffolding based on experience and assumptions. It must pass strict calculations and provide technical and construction safety instructions to the construction personnel to ensure safety.

3. Formulate targeted and practical scaffolding and dismantling plans.

During construction, the responsible construction unit often needs to make reasonable preparations based on the actual conditions on the construction site, construction environment, construction methods and staffing, etc., and formulate effective and effective protective measures in accordance with the standards and specifications, and carefully implement the The actual operation of the engineering project.

4. Strengthen training and education, improve safety awareness, and eliminate illegal operations.