Provisions for setting up wall parts in floor-standing scaffolding

Sep 29, 2018

When the frame of the floor-standing scaffold is tied with the building, the wall piece is suitable for setting on the main node. It is better not to be more than 300 mm away from the main node. If it is larger than 300 mm, it is necessary. Reinforcement measures, especially when the wall member is near 1/2 of the pole step, must be adjusted.


The wall-mounted parts on the floor-standing scaffolding also need to be set from the first step of the first step of the horizontal horizontal bar. Then, when this setting is difficult, other reliable fixing measures are needed. And this wall piece is more suitable for the arrangement of the diamond shape, of course, it can also adopt the square and rectangular arrangement.


For one-line and open floor-standing scaffolding, it is necessary to provide wall-to-wall parts at both ends, because the vertical spacing of the wall-to-wall parts needs to be less than the height of the building, and not more than 4m or 2 steps; in addition, scaffolding It should be erected in accordance with the construction schedule. The height of one erection should not exceed two steps above the adjacent wall.