Reasons for frequent occurrence of scaffolding accidents

May 06, 2020

1. Product quality issues

A number of manufacturers have emerged in the rise of the scaffolding industry, and there are many small workshops. Many steel pipe and fastener production plants have poor equipment, backward production technology, low technical level, and product quality is difficult to guarantee. Coupled with the increasingly fierce competition in recent years, many manufacturers have fought a price war to seize the market, repeatedly reducing the wall thickness of steel pipes, and the weight of fasteners has become smaller and smaller, which has hidden potential safety hazards. Therefore, the purchasing staff should strictly control the quality of the purchased products and ensure the purchase of high-quality scaffolding.

2. Construction application problems

The instability of scaffolding often directly leads to accidents, most of which are due to the fact that the stiffness check is not carried out before the construction of the project, and the scaffolding is arranged based on experience. Some steel pipe materials are severely corroded or worn, and local bending or open welding reduces the load-bearing capacity of the steel pipe, and is also prone to instability. It is recommended to carry out detailed safety technical explanations to the construction operators, and install and remove scaffolds in strict accordance with the design requirements.

3. Market management issues

The construction and leasing markets are chaotic, lacking an open, fair and fair trading environment and strict quality supervision measures. Many construction and leasing companies seek cheap prices and ignore product quality, resulting in a large number of poor quality and low-priced products produced by manufacturers with poor equipment and backward technology flowing into the construction site, which poses a serious safety hazard to construction. In response to this problem, the key is to establish and improve a strict quality management system and an authoritative quality control agency.