Reasons why aluminum scaffolding is widely used

Jun 01, 2020

1. Detachable and self-locking articulation joints are simple and fast to build. No equipment is required. Each type of component has good interchangeability. It can communicate with each other and different types of components are arranged. Because of its uniqueness, the operator will not mix different types of components, and the whole structure is a combined part. There are no loose parts and it is easy to transfer.

2. Equipped with high-strength and lockable casters, so that the entire aerial frame system can be moved safely and conveniently, and the height of the aerial frame can be adjusted at will to ensure that the operation channel is horizontal and does not rust. It can be widely used in construction sites and outdoor operations And other harsh operating environments.

3. The workbench is planned for waterproof and anti-skid, to ensure the safety of the operators, the operation channels can be set on the first level of the tower, and the bottom is equipped with inclined supports to avoid side toppling to ensure the safety of the operators.