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Safety application requirements for scaffolding accessories

Jul 31, 2019

The service life of the scaffolding accessories is 10 years, and the surface does not require care. There is no restriction on the application. In order to ensure the scaffolding accessories are erected, the application and removal process is safe and reliable. When the scaffolding accessories are set up, it is necessary to ensure that the structural unit does not lack the basic frame member when the structural requirements are met, and the main span is required according to the requirements of forming the basic structural unit. Gradually erecting, the rectangular surrounding scaffolding should be extended from one corner to the two targets. According to the regulations, the slanting rod, the hinged struts, the wall rod or the rest of the struts are arranged to ensure the stability of the structure.

In the scaffolding erection process, the grounding rod is first placed, and after the vertical pole is erected, the bottom is firstly fixed according to the spacing regulations and the sweeping rod is fastened. When the first horizontal rod is installed, the vertical pole is corrected and then buckled. Set up a shelf of 1-2 rod lengths and 1 pole height on both sides of a corner, and arrange the slanting rods or hinges to form a stable starting shelf, and then extend to both sides. 

The way in which the scaffolding components are assembled is developed from a single rod assembly to a standard section that makes the derrick a certain height, and then developed into a folding gantry that can be quickly detached, disassembled and hauled. Care must be taken in the design and use of scaffolding accessories.