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Safety construction of aluminum scaffolding large crossbar and sweeping rod

Aug 01, 2019

The large crossbar of the aluminum scaffold is set under the small crossbar, and is fastened on the inner side of the column by a right angle fastener and the vertical pole; the butt joint is connected by a butt joint, and the butt joints are not arranged in the same span. The horizontal distance of the joint is not less than 500mm, and is avoided in the span of the horizontal horizontal rod; the large crossbar should be arranged on the inner side between the poles and the adjacent step frames must be staggered, and the length of the large crossbar should be 4.5m, 6m  

The horizontal deviation of the same row of large crossbars shall not exceed 1/300, and the longitudinal height difference of the four sides of the large crossbar shall not exceed 50 mm. Three large crossbars are required as the protective railings on the working surface layer. The aluminum scaffolding is 1500mm, 1000mm and 500mm higher than the aluminum scaffolding, and the footrest is arranged on the working layer.

The aluminum scaffolding sweeping rod must be connected with the vertical pole, and must not be connected between the sweeping rod and the sweeping rod; the horizontal height difference of the sweeping rod should not be greater than 1m, the distance from the slope should not be less than 0.5m; the longitudinal sweeping rod should be fixed at right angles. The base of the base is not more than 200mm on the pole; the horizontal sweeping rod should be fixed with a right angle fastener on the pole below the longitudinal sweeping rod.