Safety construction of scaffolding crossbars and safety nets

Dec 14, 2018

Scaffolding is an indispensable measure for building construction. It is a necessary facility for high-altitude operations. Because it involves construction and high-altitude construction, the whole process is closely related to safety issues. Usually, the large crossbar of the scaffold is placed under the small crossbar, and is fastened to the inside of the column by a right angle fastener.


The large crossbar of the scaffold is connected by butt joints, the butt joints are staggered, not in the same span, the horizontal distance of the adjacent joints is not less than 500mm, and is avoided in the span of the horizontal horizontal rod; the large crossbar should be arranged in The inner side of the poles and the adjacent step frames must be staggered, and the length of the large crossbar members should be 4.5m and 6m. The horizontal deviation of the same row of large crossbars shall not be greater than 1/300, and the longitudinal height difference of the four sides of the large crossbars shall not exceed 50 mm. Three large crossbars are required as the protective railings on the working surface layer, which is 1500mm, 1000mm and 500mm higher than the scaffolding board, and the footrest is arranged on the working layer.


In the construction of scaffolding, the safety net plays a safety guarantee function, which can effectively prevent the parts from falling from the outside and ensure the safety of passing pedestrians. However, when using it, pay attention to keeping the safety net clean. For the construction waste in the net, clean it in time; the connection between the safety net and the support frame should be firm and it should not be loose. To check for signs of wear or disconnection, replace them in time.


Do not touch sharp tools during the safety net transport, which may cause damage to the net body. The safety net needs to be properly and orderly placed in the warehouse when it is stored. It should not be stacked at random, and the warehouse should be ventilated and moisture-proof, and the temperature should not be too high.