Safety requirements for large crossbars in scaffolding

Jul 25, 2018

Scaffolding is an indispensable measure for building construction. It is a necessary facility for high-altitude operations. Because it involves construction and high-altitude construction, the whole process is closely related to safety issues. Therefore, it is necessary to build the quality of scaffolding. Guaranteed safety.


The installation of scaffolding is also very important. Whether it is poles, picking beams, scaffolding boards, and erecting of wall parts, it is necessary to strictly follow the construction specifications to avoid damage to customers. So what are the requirements for the construction of the large crossbar for scaffolding?


For example, the large crossbar of the scaffold is connected by the butt fasteners, and the butt joints are staggered, not in the same span, and the horizontal distance of the adjacent joints is not less than 500 mm, and is avoided in the span of the longitudinal horizontal bars. It should be arranged on the inner side between the poles and the adjacent step frames must be staggered. The length of the large crossbar members should be 4.5m and 6m.


The requirements stipulate that the horizontal deviation of the scaffolding of the same row of large crossbars shall not exceed 1/300, and the longitudinal horizontal height difference of the four-sided shelf of the large crossbar shall not exceed 50 mm; the working surface layer shall be provided with three large crossbars as protective railings, which are higher than The scaffolding board is 1500mm, 1000mm, 500mm, and the footrest is provided on the working layer.