Scaffold enterprise development to security to the end

Jan 16, 2017

Scaffolding platform as homework, with steel tubes welded together, holding three of them work; linked to the four corners welding construction scaffolding above the four through pulleys, hanging below the load-bearing cables through pulleys to move scaffolding can move along the steel wire rope grooves parallel to the installation location, and work staff the belt slides synchronized on lifelines. This requires the relevant parts required as soon as possible a series of detailed control rules, guide enterprises to develop.
In this regard, Liugong to Center led lectures, hopefully led by the key enterprises in equipment manufacturing area, promoted our core Kit products and industrial base.
To ensure foolproof security and design staff on the platform using materials and tools multiple times and demonstrated the safety of so that it can fully meet safety requirements, and established safety and quality inspection system, arrange specialist work platforms used materials and tools for routine checks and scheduled inspections found cracks, replace immediately, and set up accounts.
In the scaffolding industry development, the Ministry of industry and information technology to go to the front, to positive industry research, formulate industrial policies, promote the development of the industry. At present, the Government is actively display the macro-control function.
In fact, many enterprises research and development capabilities are not lost to the host research institutes, and companies familiar with market demand, can be more timely and scientific research and the establishment of the Ministry of industry and information technology, for the enterprise to set up a more specific governance functions.