Scaffolding accessories combined steel support use and erection requirements

Oct 10, 2018

The steel truss in the scaffolding accessory steel support is used to support the steel formwork and to enhance its overall rigidity; the studs in the scaffolding accessory steel support are also used to support and clamp the formwork; the steel struts can also be used to withstand The vertical template transmits the vertical template of the pressure; in this case, the early removal of the column head can also be used for the support column head of the beam and the formwork and the early stage of the formwork; the diagonal support is mainly used for bearing the lateral load of the single side formwork and adjusting the vertical formwork. Verticality; regarding the steel pipe bracket, it will be used as a formwork bracket for beams, slabs and platforms, and external scaffolding.


For the erection requirements of scaffolding accessories, first of all, it should be noted that when the gantry is installed, it should extend from one end to the other end. After that, it is necessary to pay attention to changing the erection direction layer by layer. After taking a step, you should check and adjust its levelness and verticality.


Scaffolding should be continuously and synchronously raised around the building to form a closed structure around the building; if it cannot be closed, additional walled parts should be added at both ends of the scaffold. The span of the gantry in the scaffolding accessories should be in accordance with the relevant regulations and should be matched with the cross-support specifications; the gantry pole should not be larger than 150mm from the wall surface; when it is larger than 150mm, it should be taken to take the inner pick-up board or other Safety measures for separation protection.


When installing the scaffolding accessories, be aware that if the height is more than 20m, a horizontal reinforcing rod should be set every 4 steps on the outside of the scaffold. After that, it will be more suitable to set in the horizontal layer with the wall unit. The vertical horizontal reinforcement rod should be set to be continuous, and in this case, a horizontal closed loop will also be formed.


A sealing rod shall be added at the lower end of the bottom step frame in the scaffolding fitting. The inner and outer sides of the gantry shall be provided with a long sweeping rod; the horizontal reinforcing rod shall be fastened with the fastener and the gantry pole. During construction, it should be noted that the non-supporting gantry and accessories must not be mixed with the same scaffolding. When the scaffolding height H≤45m, along the height of the scaffolding, the horizontal frame should be set in at least two steps.