Scaffolding accessories with wall and thin plate support system installed

Apr 26, 2018

Construction of wall attachments in scaffolding accessories:


Scaffolding accessories will inevitably be connected with wall elements and buildings to ensure reliable connection. In addition to the calculation of the wall elements, the installation should meet the requirements; the scaffolding accessories are in the corner of the scaffold, and the two ends of the scaffolding should not be closed. With the addition of wall joints, the vertical spacing should not exceed 4.0m; in the site outside the scaffold due to the installation of protective shelters or safety nets and subjected to eccentric loads, additional wall elements should be added, and the horizontal spacing should not exceed 4.0m.


Scaffolding accessories in the wall should pay attention to bear tension and pressure, the standard value of its carrying capacity should not be less than 10KN, even the wall and the gantry, the connection of the building should also have a corresponding connection strength; when the scaffolding accessories operating layer high For the above two steps of adjacent wall attachments, temporary tie-catching measures shall be adopted to ensure the stability of the scaffolding until the wall member is erected and then removed.


Scaffolding accessories in the wall when the erection, relatively speaking, relatively suitable vertical to the wall, can not be tilted upward, even wall parts embedded in the wall part must be reliable and reliable; on the scaffolding accessories in the wall should be Attachment to the upper and lower gantry attachments.


Installation of thin plate support system in scaffolding accessories:


With regard to the supporting system of the thin plate in the scaffolding fittings, when it is actually used, it is bound to adopt a pillar type, truss type or pedestal type supporting system. The design of the support system should also be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the current national standard "Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Concrete Structures".


In addition to the lifting capacity of the hoisting machinery, the number of blocks lifted by the thin plate in the scaffolding accessories should also be taken into consideration. The use of the manual palletizing and demolition and installation of the thin plate should also be considered. When the board is temporarily parked on the keel of the supporting system or on the already installed thin board, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the supporting system of the board stowing place is overloaded, to prevent the supporting keel or the thin board from breaking at the place, and causing the board to collapse. .